Life in Chicago

Your story begins today. Put yourself in the Chicago Semester experience and explore what your life could look like in the Windy City.

Who are we?

The mission of Chicago Semester is to provide urban, experiential education from a Christian perspective that equips students for integrated personal, professional, and public lives.

Living Living

You will live in the heart of the city of Chicago, completely immersing yourself in a global urban environment as you navigate the benefits and complexities of city life.

Learning Learning

You will take courses for academic credit that foster engagement in issues significant to the city and allow you to grow professionally as you explore issues of vocation and calling.

Working Working

You will complete a full-time internship in your field of study, gaining essential professional experience, setting you apart from your peers as you enter a competitive job market.

Student Blogs

Reflections from Samantha: A CS Student Teacher

Posted on Nov 18, 2016 in Student Blog

EXPLORATION, ELECTION, EDTPA, AND EXHAUSTION Hello Folks, The past few weeks of my semester have been jam packed with adventures and activities. I have been scrambling to complete assignments and the edTPA, visiting friends in Michigan, and exploring further what it means to be a student teacher in an urban setting. My weeks here in […]

Reflections from Elise: A CS BSW Student

Posted on Nov 15, 2016 in Student Blog

SARDINES The streets in the Gold Coast are filled with a never-ending flow of people. In the morning, fast walkers swiftly navigate around the more relaxed movers- people walking their dogs, cleaning the sidewalk, perhaps those still trying to become fully awake. There is streamlined movement towards the redline stop at Clark and Division, and […]

Reflections from Samantha: A CS Student Teacher

Posted on Nov 1, 2016 in Student Blog

HALLOWEEN FRIGHTS As Halloween rolls around, costumes, scary things, and decorations have been occupying the minds of many of the students at Hayt. This Friday at school, the students and teachers were asked to dress up as their favorite story character. Many students came dressed as Harry Potter, Superheros, and other famous book characters. As […]

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Alyssa Allen ’10

“”If you are considering applying for Chicago Semester, I would say JUMP IN.”

- Alyssa Allen ’10
Elliot Talen ’06

“CS prepares you to make a smooth transition to your post-collegiate life.”

- Elliot Talen ’06