Reflections from Samantha: A CS Student Teacher


As my time in Chicago comes to an end, I just want to highlight some of the wonderful experiences I have been blessed enough to partake in while in Chicago. My time this semester has been consumed mainly with student teaching. That being said, I would like to give you a brief recap of my time in Chicago! Truly, this time has been the most challenging season of my life. However, this semester also served as a time of intense personal and professional growth.

Chicago Semester for me, has meant pushing myself when I was unsure of what comes next. This semester has been a formative time in my life. I was pressed to pursue work, friends, and life in the city all within a few months’ time.  This challenged me because I am a naturally introverted individual. This information is invaluable when entering the psam-photo-with-communityrogram. Going in, I imagined a semester that would promote growth and understanding, however I could never have imagined the outcome of this semester. I feel that in the last 4 months I have learned more about myself, the relationships I’m involved in, and being a professional, than I have in any other chapter of college. So please, consider Chicago, consider yourself, and be ready for the opportunity to discern your experiences.  

Additionally, when entering student teaching, I was ready to engage with a fourth grade group of students. Little did I know that over the course of the semester, this class would soon become my “babies!”  For me, fourth grade seemed too old, however as I look at them now, I would never change my experience. These wonderful students bring me to tears on a weekly basis. I have truly found and served such a loving student body while working at Hayt. My students built me up each day and they press me to be
better and grow. I would not trade my placement or time in Chicago with these wonderful, glorious, wise, and empowering students.

Due to the constant motion of my time in Chicago, I have really learned the importance of community. In Chicago my community was a small group of people that I could turn to at all points to guide me through difficult situations. These people include, my family, my boyfriend, and my wonderful roommate Jess. Without this constant group pouring into me, this semester would not be possible. Each person in my community played a vital role in keeping me sane this semester. From yelling with me at midnight when we found out we would not be striking, to numerous late night texts and phone calls. To these people, and many more in my community, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without my community in Chicago I would not have made it. That being said, if you are considering Chicago do it! Do it, but find your community. That may not be a large group, it may only be a few, but find those with similar views as you, and really support and build one another up. Do it!!!

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