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During your semester in Chicago, you won’t just grow personally and professionally, but also academically. Chicago Semester offers courses that will provide you with academic credit as you fulfill general education requirements at your home campus, while also helping you engage in the city of Chicago more fully. You select your courses, making this YOUR experience. And that is exactly what it is: an experience. You will use the city as your laboratory, combining in-class work with exploration all around the city, taking experiential learning to the next level. Take a look at what courses might be the best fit for you…

Arts & the City

It is no secret that Chicago is saturated with the arts! Whether you have enjoyed a musical, band or art museum in the city or not, it is likely that the Arts & the City course will help you to engage in the arts of Chicago like never before, as you investigate urban and cultural life reflected through various artistic works. Students will attend plays, concerts, movies, visit art galleries, and then process the experiences through readings, lectures and classroom discussions. This class holistically looks at how you, the whole person, engages in this city, your faith, and the arts collectively.

Diversity and Inequality: Engaging Chicago Cross-Culturally

This course introduces students to the culture, history, assets, and challenges of Chicago neighborhoods. Students will examine their own social and cultural locations and compare and contrast how their stories are similar to or different from the Chicago racial and ethnic landscape.

Social Justice

This course will introduce students to major streams of social justice thought, including the history of the criminal justice field and contemporary movements for social justice.  We will examine the role of race, poverty, and inequality in people’s experiences of justice in the U.S.  Through conversations and visits with practitioners, advocates, and organizers we will look at models of restorative justice and how communities address issues related to injustice.

Urban Planning, Development and the Sustainable City (offered in the Spring)

Ever wonder what the significance is of a city’s architecture, sculptures, parks, community murals, etc. is? That is exactly what this course seeks to explore, as students engage in the city of Chicago, learning about the evolution and development of the city, with particular emphasis on the built environment in Chicago. Students will seek to understand and critique the city’s built environment through field trips, guest speakers, readings, and class discussions.

Values and Vocation: Reflections on Work and the Common Good

There are a variety of perspectives on the concept of Vocation. Drawing on readings from religion, theology, and sociology, students will examine the ways in which we discern our calling in light of our responsibility to engage the common good. This course will also allow you the opportunity to examine social structures that impact work and family life (gender, race, religion and class) and how they might shape our understanding of vocation.

Professional Seminar

When you enroll in Chicago Semester, you not only sign on to take courses in Chicago, but also to take part in a full-time internship, student teaching placement, clinical experience, or field experience. Professional Seminar is a required course that will assist you in integrating what you are experiencing in your internships, in the classroom, and in your living situations with the immediacy of the urban realities around you.

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