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Tuition & Room and Board

Chicago Semester works hard to make your experience in Chicago as affordable as possible. When you register at your home campus for Chicago Semester, you are still considered a member of that student body. Therefore, you will still pay your regular tuition rate to your home campus. You will not, however, pay room and board to your home campus. You won’t pay room and board to Chicago Semester either! Instead, you will pay rent and utilities directly to one of our partner housing sites. You will also get to budget for and prepare your own meals, rather than participate in a meal plan. Our housing costs are very affordable compared with rates across the city and across college campuses. How much money you spend during your semester experience is a decision you make according to your individual budget and personal preferences.


Monthly Expenses
Rent and Utilities $575-600 per month Cost per person
Food $200 (Rough estimate) includes food eaten at home and out.
Entertainment $20 – $300 Not a fixed cost. Range based on student preference.
Miscellaneous $50
Total Monthly Living Expenses $820 – $1150 (Rough estimate)
Total Semester Living Expenses $3,000 (Rough Estimate)


Please note: you will have to pay your first month’s rent upon your arrival.