Chicago Semester is an off-campus program with 40 years of experience

providing students the opportunity to live, learn, and work in Chicago.


Feature Stories

  • 40 Years Celebrated

    40 Years Celebrated

    On Friday, April 10, 2015 over 70 people gathered at Mars Gallery to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Chicago Semester. In attendance were current and former staff members, members of our… Read More
  • Program-Wide Neighborhood Plunges

    Program-Wide Neighborhood Plunges

    For those who are not familiar with Chicago there is often a misconception that the city is restricted to the downtown "Loop" area with the tall buildings and familiar skyline. In… Read More

Alumni Profiles


  • Travis Rooke

    Spring 2013

    "I wanted something I could point to on my resume that felt uniquely different from my peers."
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  • Josh Larsen

    Spring 1996

    "[In Chicago] we had chances to [enact our faith] in class and on the excursions we would take or the events we went to..."
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