Chicago Semester is an off-campus program with 40 years of experience

providing students the opportunity to live, learn, and work in Chicago.


CS Events

  • Successful Internships

    The fall class of Chicago Semester students had internships at top-notch companies and organizations across the city. Students Nathan Schepers and JunHyung Park served as interns at the Federal Reserve Bank.… Read More
  • Celebrating 40 years!

    This year Chicago Semester celebrates its 40th year of offering students a dynamic living and learning experience in Chicago. Since its inception, the program has offered an exciting place for students… Read More

Alumni Profiles


  • Dominique Evans

    Spring 2014

    "I still talk with two of the women I worked with and we occasionally work together on events."
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  • Andrea Walters

    Spring 2013

    "You're never going to have an experience like this in your life again."
    Read More

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