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"The most important aspect of this semester has been the ability to grow professionally. From having the opportunity to conduct business meetings to networking with others, I have met some amazing people both in and out of the Chicago Semester program."

– Connor Gisby

Class of ‘18, International Business, Internship at Chicago Sky

"Having the opportunity to live, learn and work in the city of Chicago has given me the opportunity to learn a lot about myself and the work in the world I want to do after graduation... I'll take a lot of memories back home with me along with some life-long friends."

– Kendra McGinnis

Class of ‘18, Public Relations, Internship at The Field Museum

"This semester allowed me to grow as a person and to challenge myself. I was given experiences and challenges I would not have faced back in my home college. This experience has made me a better person and teacher."

– Lillybeth Mendez

Class of 18, Spanish Education, Student Teaching Placement at Benito Juarez High School

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