Final Reflections from Spring 2020 Bloggers

We loved our Spring 2020 Chicago Semester students. They handled unexpected changes with grace and we are thankful to have worked with such incredible students this semester. Here are a few final reflections from some of of our semester bloggers.


I can’t emphasize enough how grateful I am for my time in Chicago, however brief. Chicago Semester reminded me of the trust that comes with uncertainty, the beauty of diversity, the fulfillment of hard work and the desire my soul has for engaging in exploration. Through my internship, Wednesday classes and new relationships formed, I have been challenged to look beyond myself and respond to the cries for justice in our world. I will take these lessons and reminders from the last few months with me as I pursue my next endeavor at Grand Valley State University to obtain my Masters in Social Work and certification as a school social worker. Since accepted into the advanced program, I will finish in just one year! I’m feeling blessed as I reflect on how God has guided me thus far, and how He promises continued guidance in my future. Thanks for following along!

-Brittney Statema, Calvin University BSW student


My experience at the Chicago Semester was great. Between classes, my internship site, and events we got to participate in, I got to meet some really cool people and see everyone in the program’s relationships grow in unique ways. Although our time took a turn, I was able to experience the city through the CS program in a way that was intentional and purposeful. Everyone involved in the program roots for you and is out for your best interests which is an admirable component of the program. 

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐&1/2 out of 5 lol.

-Debola Adeyemo, Northwestern College Public Relations Student


We are finally at the end! The end of Chicago Semester, and the end of college. This past semester has been crazy, a lot of hard mixed in with a lot of good. Not a single part of this semester went as anticipated, but in the midst of that I believe I am walking away bolder, tougher, and more resilient. I will forever be grateful for this semester and what it taught me. I learned that I can do hard things, and move away from what is familiar and comfortable to step out into the unknown. So here I am, a freshly graduated nurse who is moving to Tennessee in the fall with no real plan and for no real reason other than to follow a call God has placed on my heart, fully trusting that he will make a way for me there. Thanks to Chicago Semester staff, the students I met and the people who prayed us through.

-Kira Goetz, Hope College Nursing Student