Lydia Stazen’s Chicago Semester Story: Bringing Her Vocational Calling into Razor-sharp Focus

By the end of her sophomore year of college, Lydia Stazen ’04 felt an intense need to expand her horizons beyond her campus experience. As she explored off-campus semester opportunities, she was excited to discover that Chicago Semester met both her personal need for more diverse experiences – and her major’s internship requirements.

Before participating in Chicago Semester, Lydia harbored a vague interest in the nonprofit sector but didn’t have a clear vision about what her vocational calling could look like. She interviewed for a variety nonprofit internships through Chicago Semester, including several arts and theater organizations. But ultimately she chose an internship with Breakthrough, an organization that supports and creates opportunity for individuals affected by poverty through a variety of programs including education and youth development, workforce development, housing, health and wellness, violence prevention and spiritual formation.

For Lydia, the eye-opening Chicago Semester brought her vocational calling into sharp focus. “I truly saw for the first time experiences of homelessness, hunger, and lack of educational and employment equity. It confirmed to me that my career path would be to work for anti-poverty nonprofits,” she said.

From studying issues of public housing and transportation in the classroom to sharing powerful internship moments such as hearing a group of women living in Breakthrough’s homeless shelter singing “Lean on Me” together with staff members, Chicago Semester made a life-changing impact on Lydia.

It deepened her understanding of what special places cities are and the unique challenges they pose, and inspired her to permanently relocate to Chicago five years after graduating. She currently serves as executive director for the Institute of Global Homelessness, which is working with key global strategic partners to eradicate street homelessness in 150 cities around the world by 2030.

“I am drawn by the energy of cities and dedicated to making communities stronger and healthier, particularly for people of color who are disproportionately affected by systemic racism and oppression,” Lydia said. “I believe that everyone has a responsibility to be aware of the issues that are at play in their communities and a duty to work in some way to address them.”

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