Reflections from Andrew: A CS Biology/Health Major

Easter Greetings from the Gold Coast!

Temperatures continue to fluctuate, but for the most part we are making steady progress towards warmer temps and the city feels like it is coming back to life! More people are out and about, and it seems that there is more to do!

I have truly enjoyed getting to be in person for my classes! We have had some great discussions and I have loved getting to interact with others in a group setting. In Values and Vocation, we have been talking about our vocations and how they are influenced by our communities and those around us. In Arts and the City, we have worked on some cool projects including designing a fictional art piece for one of the neighborhoods of Chicago. We have also learned about a couple of instruments and even had the opportunity to attend the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit which was absolutely stunning!

Work at my internship had continued to be steady! We are no longer providing the vaccine, but swabbing has picked up a bit more lately. Lots of people are coming in as spring breaks and traveling is taking place. My days are pretty routine, but it is good work and I really enjoy being able to be on the frontlines and serve the community I am living in.

The fun certainly has not stopped! The last couple of weeks have been full of friends and adventures all over the city. I have had friends visit on the weekends and I have loved getting to show them around and introduce them to some of my favorite finds! One weekend we visited Wicker Park and stopped at the Wormhole for coffee! The inside was full of memorabilia from the 1980s, including a DeLorean that looked just like the one from Back to the Future, and it was super neat! I have also gone bouldering again, celebrated a couple birthdays at the Cheesecake Factory and Utopian Tailgate in Old Town, made a trip to Chinatown, and I even stopped at JoJo’s Shake Bar for an incredible hot chocolate.

I have loved being able to hang out with new people and getting to know other students. I have had coffee with Chicago Semester staff, zoomed with new and old friends, had great conversations during our small group, and I have attended Park Community Church Near North for a couple of in-person church services. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has also debuted over the last couple of weeks, and, as a big Marvel fan, I have really enjoyed that.

As crazy as it sounds, we are down to just one month left of our semester in Chicago and there is still so much I want to do and see! I truly have learned what it is like to live in the city for a bit – the good, the bad, and everything in between. I am grateful for how much I have grown and all I have experienced, and I know there will be even more in the month ahead, which I cannot wait to share!

Continue to be blessed and a blessing and remember HE IS RISEN!

To find out more about and see pictures of the things I have done so far, headed over to my personal blog at Home | The Word on the Street (