Reflections from Anna: A CS Student Teacher

Time has been flying on the wings of the windy city. Since my last post, I have switched placements and submitted my edTPA. Both come with a level of anxiety and stress. The anxiety of entering in to a new place was mixed with the sadness at leaving the old behind. Each of my students made me a card and gave it to me on my last day They had thought of ways that I had taught and impacted them. I also had to say goodbye to my cooperating teacher, who I had bonded really well with.


The new school that I am at though is located in Chinatown. I am in a 4th grade classroom of 32 students. Learning names and managing such a large group are only the start of my adventures in this new cultural experience. There is a wide variety of abilities represented in my classroom, providing plenty of challenge for a teacher to meet. My teacher grew up in the same school that she is now teaching and has been there for many years. I am so excited to see what she will be able to teach me. I am also really excited to explore the area and see all the cool things about it.


  During these past few weeks, I have been able to do some amazing things. I was able to visit the opera, which was ushered in by $5 burritos for dinner right before. Although it was not something I would make a regular habit, I really enjoyed the experience of it. I also was able to see a play called Pipeline which talked about a mother and son relationships as they struggle with the racial inequity present in school discipline. Both were so unique in the experience they provided and I am so happy that I took part in it. And even though the edTPA kept me in for most of my time, I did make time to still go swing dancing on my Monday nights. Every Monday night, I and a couple other friends head to Lincoln Park to go swing dancing. It has been around 5 weeks since I first started and I now am beginning to know the regulars that are there. The people are so nice and very happy to help you learn. It offers a nice break to the routine of the week, one that I look forward to every week.


The most exciting thing that happened took place hundreds of miles from the city. My family was blessed with the birth of a baby girl. My niece Noelle Matondo Evangeline was born on February 23, 2019 and is more loved than ever. I will be able to visit her over my spring break and I eagerly wait to hold her in my arms.


These past weeks have brought about a lot of change, from new school to new births. Submitting the edTPA marks another important milestone before the end of my undergraduate. The birth of my niece marks the ever changing presence of my family. Before I know it, graduation will be upon me and my time in Chicago will soon be over. Things will continue to change and I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for me.