Reflections from Audrey: A CS Sociology Student

Hey vlog!

And yes, I know this isn’t a video blog or a misspelling of blog, but that was a shout out to a few good Hope friends (you know who you are) :). Fall has officially hit in Chicago and I could not be happier about it! If you know one thing about me, you know it’s that I live for the weather in which I can wear Carhartt beanies and turtleneck sweaters. The changing of season officially marks just over one month since moving to a new city, and I’ll be honest, the realization that I’m states away from my friends and family was starting to set in a little bit. And I believe the universe has a funny was of doing things, because these last two weekends I had some pretty lovely visitors!


My boyfriend Cameron came the first weekend, and then my Grandma Shirley. Cameron (pictured with myself and the ever-lovely Sue the T-Rex) got the obligatory tour of the Field Museum and we also walked around the Gold Coast and looked into faaar too many shops we couldn’t afford to even look in (Gucci, Prada, you know the type!). Our evening wrapped up with Wow Bao and street tacos, and it was all in all a wonderful taste of home, Chicago style!


My wonderful Grandma visited the next weekend with a good friend of hers, and it was an amazing fall day! I’m convinced that any city transforms as the weather gets colder, and Chicago is no different. We decided to go to Lincoln Park Zoo – the first time for both of us – and were pleasantly surprised that it had been dressed to the nines for fall! Adorned with the smell of funnel cakes, the sound of carnival rides, and pumpkins scattered everywhere it really felt as if it was the official marking of fall. We also traveled to the Macy’s on State Street for some pre-dinner shopping and killed some time there before an AMAZING dinner at Tavern on Rush – a restaurant just down the street from my apartment. The city has a funny way of feeling small if you take the time to find the little corners that feel like home.


With that, I hope you too find your nearest pumpkin patch or hayride and enjoy the best season of the year however you know best (with an obligatory apple cider, too)!