Reflections from Briana: A CS Student Teacher

Hello! This week in my Chicago food journey I am finally working on the list I got from my students about places to go in Chicago. In Gage Park (where my hybrid placement) is I tried Rosa’s Tamales. I tried strawberry tamales and they were so delicious! They were sweet in a subtle way and I had never has tamales before, it was fun to try something new!

In student teaching related news, my students have been working on essays related to the book “The Only Road”, as well as finishing their body paragraphs. I have to prepare like crazy for next week (that is when the fourth quarter starts) so there will be more students in my class. It will be so fun to see so many more of my students in person. I have to prepare extra hard, as there are several students returning that have done nothing these past weeks. In most of my classes at least half if not two-thirds of the class have done nothing, but I am just going to prepare everything I can to get these students where they need to be. Next week will be a huge challenge, but I can feel myself rising to it- it is nice to have this past Friday as a non-attendance day to work hard. I am still excited to finish out my semester in person.