Reflections from Briana: A CS Student Teacher

This is my last week in Chicago! I have not seen the entire city, but what I have seen (and eaten) has been very special to me. I learned so much in my program and made such great friends. I am happy to have been in this program and connected with communities I never would have known (and I say this as someone who lives in the Chicagoland area).

In student teaching related news, my students have finished their essays and are now on a poetry unit. I will be leaving them. I am going to miss them so much as they are adorable, sweet sixth graders. Some students are dedicating their poetry to me! I have been at Hernandez for six weeks and there were times when it felt like I would never get to my graduation, but all of this time has just made me so excited for my own classroom. It has made me think of students that I want to push into being the best versions of themselves. I cannot wait to challenge my students and support them in what they need.