Reflections from Emilee: A CS Student Teacher

As I begin week 10 of my journey here in Chicago I am confident that my choice to participate in this program was the best decision for me.  I continue to be challenged daily and have gained the needed tools to handle these moments of opportunity.  I have seen my ability to manage the classroom improve and this is enhancing the learning environment for the students in room 222.  This past week the students were learning how to tell time, about animal habitats, about cause and effect in reading, and writing opinion pieces.  The students had a lot of fun learning about telling time, but not nearly as much fun as they had when they entered their classroom on March 16th to find that the leprechauns had visited through the night and made quite a mess.  I was impressed at how quickly the students shared with me, “We did not do this!”  “The leprechauns must have been here.”  It was a fun week of learning and leprechauns. 

My personal journey this past week has included working to finish my edTPA and preparing myself to start the job search.  This is an exciting time for me as I move towards having my own classroom and beginning my future as an elementary educator.  I have also been working on time management this week as I am learning the importance of having a balance between work and home life.  I did make time this week to spend some time in the city.  I was able to experience the St. Patrick’s Day festivities which included observing the tradition of dying the Chicago River green and watching the parade downtown. I instantly felt back at home, at Monmouth College, as bagpipes played in the parade. The streets were packed with a bunch of green and festivities.  It was certainly a sight to see, and I am so grateful to have experienced it as a current city citizen, rather than a tourist. I was even able to help a tourist find their way when they asked for directions, which was a small success for this small town girl. 🙂

These next few weeks I will be curious to see how the transition through spring break happens.  The students will have one week off for break and my goal will be to keep them on track when we reconvene after this time.  I will also take the time to appreciate my time in the classroom as I continue to be more comfortable in my student teaching role. I recognize how quickly this time is going and I want to enjoy every memory and learn from each opportunity as I finish out my last 6 weeks with Chicago Semester and with the students of room 222.