Reflections from Kira: A CS Nursing Student

It has officially been a month and a half since we came to Chicago. We are really in the thick of it here, finally finding our rhythm and routine. I have finally begun my hospital internship and have become acquainted with the unit I will be working on. Like all new things, the past few weeks at the hospital have come with some struggles and learning curves, but I am excited to start taking on more patient responsibilities. Starting this week, I will go from day shift to night shift so my schedule will be completely flipped but I am interested to see what the culture is of night shift nurses.

Last week we had the opportunity to go to the Joffrey Ballet. The theater was gorgeous and grandiose and the dancers beautiful. I am a left brained girl so anything artistic is out of my wheelhouse so it has been fun to get to experience and observe plays and ballet. Chicago has increased my appreciation for how diverse we all are in our talents. If our world was full of nurses but no teachers, or ballet dancers but no social workers, we would be seriously lacking. I am coming to appreciate the way we all do and see things differently, while it can be what breaks our society apart, is also what makes our society function.

A group of girls from our program have begun a Sunday night bible study. It has been so life-giving to meet people from Chicago Semester outside of just nurses. We have expressed our shared desire to build a strong community here and through this bible study, we have begun to get meals and explore the city together.

Not much else to report on the past few weeks, just getting my footing and becoming established here in Chicago, but looking forward for more adventures to come