Reflections from Kira: A CS Nursing Student

It is finally March! As much as global warming is a total bummer, I am not mad at the 50-60 degree weather we have had the past few days. The sun is out and that changes everyone’s mood for the better. Unfortunately, since I have started working night shift and every weekend I have not had as much time to enjoy the sun as I would hope. When you work at night you have to try and sleep the day before and the day after you work, and if you are working two 12 hour night shifts in a row then God help you because your internal clock is a hot mess. Now that it isn’t so bitter cold we have all been trying to walk places as much as possible; to and from the gym, the store, even class. Every little bit of vitamin D reminds me of how close summer is, and how close I am to graduation. I have a countdown on my phone and as I am writing this, there are 52 days until our last day of class.

More than ever, in the past few weeks conversations of what post-graduation life will look like have come up. People are applying for jobs, scheduling interviews, looking at apartments, etc. I however, have absolutely no clue what next fall will bring (hint hint stop asking). My summer will be spent working at a camp, attending and standing in some of my best friends weddings, so a real adult job will have to wait until September. There is something both freeing and absolutely terrifying about being able to move wherever I want and do whatever I want come the fall. I can move across the country and do something totally unrelated to my major, move home for a while and get a job at my local hospital, or anything in between. For the first time in 21 years the future is not planned.

Outside of this existential crisis life has been pretty slow around here. Mostly I work, go to class, study, sleep, repeat with the occasional bachelor episode squeezed in there. My goal for the next 52 days is to really live into┬ácity life here in Chicago. School is important, but sometimes it can wait in search of adventure (just don’t tell┬ámy parents or professors I said that).