Reflections from Matthew: A CS Business and Communication Student

Windy City Welcome

I can only think of a few instances in my life where I arrived somewhere and instantly knew I belonged. The first of these came when I stepped on Hope College’s campus for first time during a junior visit day a few years ago, and the second of these came a few weeks back when me and my parents made a right onto Michigan Avenue on a lively Friday night. Instantly I felt invigorated by this unspoken energy in the beautiful city of Chicago. Since this initial introduction to my semester in the Windy City, I’ve felt this feeling over and over again. I felt it the first time I shook hands with my roommates and their families. I felt it the first time I walked into the Chicago Semester offices to a wave of warm greetings and new faces, and I felt it throughout my first day at my internship at 625 N. Michigan Avenue!

My name is Matthew Werkman, and I’m a Junior at Hope College in Holland, Michigan studying Business and Communication. This semester I have the pleasure of working at the Magnificent Mile Association as a marketing intern! In this role, I’ll find and create content for the association’s blog and social media pages, update and coordinate event listings on (shameless plug), attend association events including the annual meeting and various networking events, and even write my own blog for the site (big blog guy)! I’m looking forward to adding to my marketing toolbox this semester in addition to continuing the lifelong process of discerning vocational calling, and I’m looking forward to sharing more about this experience! Here’s to a semester filled with new challenges, punctual trains, great food, and lots of growth!