Reflections from Mean: A CS Social Work Major

It feels bittersweet knowing this will be the last blog I write for the Chicago Semester program. One thing I know for sure is that I am so grateful to have been on this program. This program gave me the space to process the things I was experiencing at my internship and allowed me to me hear what other social work students encountered at their own placements. I value my social work classmates because we all supported each other in our hardships and celebrated together in our accomplishments. Kendra, my seminar instructor, also made my experience on the program special. She is a great mentor and teacher who deeply cares about her students. I’m also grateful for the friends I made in the Arts in the City class. I enjoyed discussing our interests in art and seeing all the creative things we did for class.

This week was also very busy since it was the last week of classes. Everyone finished their final presentations which was a big relief! To any future students interested in doing this program, I highly recommend it. The seminar class nicely complements your field placement, so you’ll be able to process and critically engage with the work you do at your site. There will be some challenging times at your placement, but that’s why your field instructor and classmates are there to support you through it!