Reflections from Mean: A CS Social Work Student

It’s been 4 weeks since I first began my internship and so many things have happened already!

To give a little background, I work with the homeless population at Chicago Lights Social Services. We provide things like food, toiletries, coats, warm clothing, and assistance like obtaining/filing important documents. Every morning I help with our curbside event, which is where we provide the listed above resources to the homeless. Curbside is fast paced and involves a lot of multitasking which has been challenging at times. But I feel like I’m starting to become better and more confident in doing it which is a great feeling. The ability to simply help people is so gratifying to me.

These past weeks I’ve also been able to make new friendships on the program. This past weekend some of my new friends and I went to Chinatown to celebrate the Lunar New Years. The day we went was absolutely freezing, I believe 2 degrees as the high, but it was all worth it to buy the delicious boba and sweets. I guess the nice part about venturing out into the cold is that you get to slowly dethaw in your nice warm apartment room.

Besides my internship, I am taking my Social Work seminar class and the Arts in the City class. They are both different in content, which I really enjoy! For my Social Work class, I feel grateful that I can listen to other students’ experiences at their internship. It makes me not feel so alone in my internship struggles. As for my Arts in the City class, I really love the assignments we have because they push me to become more creative with my art. I also like seeing what other students produce and listening to the process behind their creations.

Well, it is now 12 am, so I will prepare for bed soon. It’s very important that I get a good night’s sleep so that I can do well at my internship. That being said, thank you for reading my blog and stay tuned for the next one!