Reflections from Mean: A CS Social Work Student

It’s finally starting to feel like spring! We aren’t fully out of the woods yet with the coldness, but it’s warm enough to start shedding a few clothing layers. With this change in weather, I find myself wanting to be outside more so that I can bask in the nice warm sunlight. I think many people have the same idea as well because I see more people spending time outside. I’ve also seen more people walking their dogs which I absolutely love because I miss my dogs back home!

In terms of my internship, this week has been particularly busy because I started to get more case managements. It’s been challenging to juggle these different caseloads because I feel convicted to solve each person’s problem. But when I stop and think about it in a more realistic way, I remember that helping is a process that takes time. To help me with my work stress, I’ve been trying to find ways to practice self-care. Exercise has been a great form of self-care for me because it helps me release my tension and helps me clear my mind. Cooking has been another form of self-care that has helped me.

My internship ends around 4-5 pm each day, so afterwards I usually relax, exercise, and cook a nice dinner. This week I made ramen with pork, lettuce, and eggs which was delicious! It’s a simple dish, but it’s filling, and it doesn’t cost a lot to make. I also went to Jewel Osco the other day and bought their banana bread for the first time which was so good that I ended up going back to buy more!

For my Arts in the City class, we attended a few online events about acting and singing. One of them was Sun and Love, also known as Sole e Amore. This event had various people sing opera that was written by famous Italian composers. I thought many of the singers had beautiful and powerful voices, and I loved the messages they conveyed through their singing. My favorite performances were those that acted while singing because I liked seeing their facial expressions and the different props they used. Even though the performance was online, I thought the director did a magnificent job engaging the viewers through the screen and keeping it exciting. These events are my favorite part of the class, so I’m really looking forward to seeing the next ones for next week.

That’s it for now, but I’ll see you in the next blog when it’s hopefully still nice outside!