Reflections from Mikaela: A CS Business and Communications Student

Welcome to the final tea party!

I know, bonkers right? Not to be dramatic, but this is my final chance to give you all the Chicago Semester wisdom I can before I leave you to your own discoveries! For anyone interested in doing Chicago Semester, I encourage you to read some of our blogs to get a grasp of what life is like here. If you haven’t gotten the chance, I came up with three tips for future CSer’s:

1. Don’t consider your experience a failure in your first week. The first week I stepped in dog poop… I thought I was headed for disaster. Give yourself time to adjust.
2. Pick an internship that you will enjoy and, most importantly, learn from. This is your chance to grow professionally, find a place that will care for you and teach you.
3. Make your apartment a little home. This has been huge for me considering we are in a global pandemic. You will probably be spending a fair amount of time in your apartment, so bring items that will make you feel comfortable in your space.

I would not give up this experience for the world. Living in Chicago has taught me so much about who I am as a person and how I participate in the world around me. I have gotten the chance to have picnics, head to swanky farmers markets only to buy a bundle of lavender. I watched stunning sunrises on the beach with new friends, and spent a day exploring record stores. I also discovered there is more to a Chicagoan’s food pallet than just pizza… there is also donuts! Aside from that, it is still a mystery to me what exactly Chicago people eat.

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That’s all from me! I am going to grasp my final days with some free coffee from Dunkin every Wednesday I can, and prance around the city every chance I get!

Stay caffeinated my friends,