Reflections from Alyssa: A CS Graphic Design Student

The weather is finally getting better here in Chicago which means my weekends have gotten busier and include being outside even more. The past two weekends have been spent in and around Lincoln Park since I’ve come to realize that may be my absolute favorite neighborhood in the city.

Last Saturday was a brisk 30 degrees but sunny so it was still worth spending outside after about a week of snow and rain. My roommate from school came to visit and we enjoyed walking around Lincoln Park to see the zoo as well as a coffee shop and florist shop. She’d never seen Navy Pier so we made our way there after spending most of our day in Lincoln Park. My feet were pretty sore from walking all over the city so we finally sat down and relaxed as we ate our favorite kind of deep dish pizza: Giordano’s!

This past weekend I wandered around Lincoln Park again, but it was even more pleasant since we traded 30 degrees for 70! (The Midwest’s weather is a strange thing). One of my roommates, Mandy, and I wandered around some of our favorite shops and coffee spots and made a point to see the bear at the zoo since he hadn’t been out before.

Later on we went to Chinatown for some bubble tea and pastries. On Sunday I tried out the Divvy bikes with both roommates Mandy and Erin. Eventually we decided to just lay on the beach as we watched really bold people attempt to wade out into Lake Michigan. On nice days it seems like the entire population of Chicago comes out from hiding away in their apartments, which makes walking around the city more fun and entertaining. The city really does come alive once the sun comes out and the temperatures rise!

This past week at work has been exciting since I’ve been tasked with my final project for the semester. I get the chance to make a front-of-house sign for the Chicago Symphony for one of the guest performers coming May 2017. Creating front-of-house signs is exciting since it involves original ideas and my own creativity. To understand the direction I should take for this sign I’ve begun listening to the composer’s music and researching what his pieces are about. It’s interesting how visual composer’s pieces are meant to be since they are often written based on a visual experience. I go to work excited to see what I will come up with and how I get to use my semester’s experience to create this big project.

We’ve only got two weeks left here in Chicago and it will be pretty tough to leave. I look forward to seeing where I end up in a year once I graduate and I have a good feeling it will involve Chicago…but we will see!

Make sure you get out there this week especially now that the weather is getting even better J


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By Alyssa Warner