Spend an experience-building semester in Chicago.

Our 16-week semester program delivers a custom-tailored Chicago experience designed to help you prepare for your chosen career – and life after college. We work closely and collaboratively with you to place you in a full-time internship that matches your interests. Plus, you’ll take a professional seminar and up to two courses for academic credit, depending on the track you select. Click on the tracks below to explore what courses are required or recommended for you.

The tracks we offer:

In today’s highly competitive job market, professionally relevant experience sets you apart. You can count on a Chicago Semester internship to help you:


  • Strengthen your resume with pertinent employment experience
  • Achieve tangible success related to your professional field of interest
  • Make informed decisions as you launch your career
  • Prepare for the demands of full-time professional work
  • Build a network that opens doors to jobs and mentors.




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our Director of Enrollment Management, Partnerships & Diversity Initiatives

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"I believe that the best way to learn is through real world experiences. Chicago Semester is a great transition to urban and professional life... It gave me a better sense of direction as far as my professional aspirations are concerned. It also gave me connections that can help me in the future and few people who I consider mentors."

– Leonardo Jin Onoe

Class of '19, Internship at Northwestern Mutual - Chicago