Architecture & Engineering

Chicago is home to some of the country’s most beautiful and creative architecture and design. If you are an architecture or engineering student looking to add an urban experience to your resume, Chicago Semester offers an exciting opportunity. You will have access to colleagues, mentors and professors who will help you expand your perspectives, support you in your desire to perfect your craft and deepen your understanding for the landscape and design of Chicago.


“Chicago has long been a laboratory for architectural innovation and experimentation.” —Chicago Architecture Center

Site Highlight

Department of Buildings, City of Chicago

The Department of Buildings enhances safety and quality of life for Chicago residents and visitors through permitting, inspections, trade licensing and enforcement of the Chicago Building Code. Students interning here will gain experience in permitting and construction inspections within Chicago.

Internship Placement Process
  1. Submit your program application, references, resume, transcript and essay responses to Chicago Semester.
  2. We review your materials, work with you collaboratively to create a polished resume ready for professional review and send these to potential internship sites.
  3. You interview with potential internship sites and prioritize which opportunity is the best fit for you.
  4. You will be officially accepted into the Summer Program when you receive an internship offer.


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Professional Seminars and Courses

Professional Seminar (Interdisciplinary) - Fall, Spring and Summer

This field education internship experience provides hands-on practice in the knowledge and skills learned in major courses. You will develop a learning contract for focused areas of development and learning, and are mentored and supervised at the site by professional staff with experience in the area of practice. You will also be supervised by Chicago Semester staff through a weekly professional seminar course and through midpoint and final site visits.

Social Entrepreneurship - Summer only

This course helps you develop a Christian perspective on the ethical, cultural and pragmatic concerns emerging from the field of social entrepreneurship. Using field trips to, and community research in, the burgeoning Chicago sector of social business, we will focus on how such organizations negotiate a digital mediascape to tell their stories to economically and culturally diverse audiences adjacent to unsolvable social problems. Giving special attention to ethics of difference that such companies often are compelled to practice, this course will situate such ethical inquiry within the commitments of Christian theology.

Diversity and Inequality: Engaging Chicago Cross Culturally - Fall, Spring and Summer

This course introduces the culture, history, assets and challenges of Chicago neighborhoods. We will examine our own social and cultural locations, and compare and contrast how our stories are similar to or different from the Chicago racial and ethnic landscape.
Course Information

You will enroll in enroll in a Professional Seminar and in one other course of your choice.

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