Student Teaching

Chicago Semester students are placed in Chicago Public Schools (CPS) classrooms with outstanding mentor teachers committed to urban education. This student teaching experience will equip you to work in any large city or smaller town educational setting, and will influence you personally and professionally for years to come. Chicago Semester may also help you land that first full-time job after graduation, since educators consistently state that students with urban education experience are more marketable. Students majoring in Elementary, Secondary, Middle, PreK, K-12, and/or Special Education may fulfill their student teaching requirements through the Chicago Semester program.


Chicago Semester will work with your home college to ensure that your student teaching placement fulfills state licensure requirements. By completing the edTPA, out-of-state student teachers will be one step closer to obtaining Illinois licensure as well.

Internship Placement Process
  1. Submit your program application, references, resume, transcript and essay responses to Chicago Semester.
  2. We review your licensure requirements and student teaching interests, and find a good match in our database of effective Chicago Public Schools.


Ask Lisa Hensey, PhD,
our Student Teaching Program Director

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Hear from a Student Teaching Alumnus

"At first I was hesitant to come to the Chicago Semester Program. I added on a 9th semester to my college career, delayed graduating and delayed opportunities to apply for jobs just so I could have my student teaching experience with CPS. At the end of the semester, I am completely confident that I wouldn't change anything about my decision to participate in the Chicago Semester Program… I grew immensely as a professional educator - CPS is a complex district and it was informative to see the ins and outs of the life of a CPS educator. Through this experience, I feel better prepared to come back to Chicago and teach in CPS in the future. The Chicago Semester Program prepared me to have success as I start my career as a teacher. This was a wonderful experience and I am so grateful to have spent it in the vibrant city of Chicago!"

– Rebekah Courtney

’18, Elementary Education, Placement at Grover Cleveland Elementary School

Professional Seminars and Courses

Student Teaching Seminar: Contemporary Issues - Fall and Spring

This course meets weekly during the semester of student teaching. Discussion topics include classroom management, working with partners, prejudice and privilege, language and culture, resume writing and interviewing. The unique attributes, assets and challenges of a specific Chicago neighborhood will also be investigated. You will create an online student teaching portfolio and complete the edTPA.
Course Information

Student Teachers enroll in the Professional Seminar only.

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