b'Our mission is to provide urban experiential education from a Christian perspective that equips students for integrated personal, professional and public lives. Experiential education is powerful. Our Vision & Values It has the power to change lives, shift vocational journeys and allow students to achieve their dreams as they serve Chicago Semester envisions a just, generous and hospitable world wherein their communities. In the pages that follow you will read about individuals are invested deeply in place and with each other as they servethe impact that Chicago Semester has had on student lives over this joyfully and fearlessly on their vocational journeys. past year. We invite you to celebrate with us and share in the joy of this work that is possible because of you. Thank you for your support and for the role you have played in writing more Chicago Semester RELATIONSHIPS &stories of impact in the years to come!COMMUNITY & PLACE PARTNERSHIPSAnchored in community, weWe believe in the importance of seek to be a dwelling place forrelational ways of learning and one another as we share in thegrowing as urban professionals. histories and realities of the cityPartnerships are life-giving and with our neighbors. crucial for our work.Mackenzi HuyserExecutive DirectorCURIOSITY & WONDER COURAGE & HOPEWith a posture of curiosity andWe pray for courage to challenge wonder, we actively discoverthe injustices we see andThis year Chicago Semester equipped Gods continual work in the city.perpetuate. We recognize, We marvel at the gifts we receiveadvocate for and work towardover 125 college students from 21 and gifts we contribute as weredemptive hope as we anticipateinstitutions to emerge as professionals engage in life in the city. the coming of Christ. in their chosen fields, pursue their IMAGINATION & EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING vocational callings and faithfully engage their communities.We imagine possibilities for all to experience vocational flourishing through best practices in urban experiential education.2 3'