b'90EMERGING ASOverPROFESSIONALS 90% of Chicago Semester alumni Keila Mendoza demonstrated FALL 2019 proficiency or excellence in Growing up in Chicago, Keila Mendoza was eagerprofessionalNearly 90%to experience city life as a young professional. qualities thatof Chicago Semester alumni Keila aspired to launch her social work career inprepare them for the city, and she was excited that Chicago Semestersuccess in thereport feeling deeply could provide her with a field placement at Heartlandconnected to a network of Alliance where she would gain relevant experience.workplace.*However, she realized that she also needed to takepeople in their field.**additional professional steps to find a job after graduation.Chicago Semester provided Keila opportunities to attend social work conferences in the city and networking events hosted at 1871. She engaged with guest speakers invited to present in her courses. She often stayed after class to talkChicago Semester85with these professionals further and gather specific advice relevant to her career aspirations. Keila also attended professional development workshops hosted byalumni scoredChicago Semester to enhance her resume and prepare for interviews.These opportunities helped Keila learn how to capitalize on her professional50% highertop-notch internship sitesconnections and experiences, as well as articulate her growing interest toward careers in social enterprise and nonprofit administration. 61 non-profits, schools & During her final months in the program, Keila applied for full-time jobs in Chicago.than the average college graduategovernment entitiesShe secured a position as the Executive Assistant to the CEO at New Moms, aon proficiency in professional skills non-profit organization that serves young mothers on the west side of Chicago, and a long-time internship site for Chicago Semester students. The connectionsin the workplace.* 24 corporations & start-upsKeila made through her time at Chicago Semester were crucial to her landing this opportunity and starting her professional journey.*Based on Chicago Semester internship supervisor scores from 2019-2020 and a$31,000national survey of hiring managers commissioned by the Association of American18 30Colleges and Universities.**Based on Chicago Semesters Spring 2020 Program Evaluation. new internshipneighborhoodsdedicated to providing sites developed represented by sites stipends for summer student 4 internships 5'