City Fellows

The City Fellows Program was launched as a way for Chicago Semester to partner creatively with nonprofit sites working to address significant challenges in Chicago. You’ll have an opportunity to complete a professional internship experience that serves your neighbors in Chicago, and be eligible for a $2500 stipend for your work. Chicago’s thriving non-profit sector offers limitless opportunities to make an impact on various communities in the city. Apply today!


Did you know there are more than 46,521 registered 501(c)3s (non-profits) in the state of Illinois and 11,269 in Chicago alone?

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Edgewater Chamber of Commerce

Edgewater Chamber of Commerce works to create and support a thriving business environment in the vibrant Edgewater community through a variety of programs and events, from the Edgewater Farmer’s Market to the Edge Card to Edgefest, in addition to offering membership and benefits to businesses in the neighborhood. Read the Summer 2019 City Fellows internship description here.

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H.O.M.E. (Housing Opportunities & Maintenance for the Elderly)

H.O.M.E. is a one-of-a-kind Chicago organization that seeks to foster joy, connection and independence for Chicago’s low-income seniors. Founded in 1982, H.O.M.E. has helped thousands by providing home repairs, shopping bus, moving assistance and affordable intergenerational buildings. Read the Summer 2019 City Fellows internship description here.

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L’Arche Chicago

L’Arche helps adults with intellectual disabilities to lead happy, fulfilling lives. L’Arche’s mission is to celebrate the unique value of each person and creates lifelong places of belonging through small, residential homes that empower residents to share their gifts with their neighborhood, city, country and world. Read the Summer 2019 City Fellows internship description here and the Assistant Info sheet here.

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New Moms

For more than 35 years, New Moms has been a leading Chicagoland agency dedicated to interrupting the cycle of poverty. The agency offers supports to young mothers in the most important areas of family life – stable housing, job training and family support. Read the Summer 2019 City Fellows internship description here.

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Pui Tak Christian School

Pui Tak Christian School’s mission is to equip young learners academically and spiritually to be future leaders for God’s Kingdom. Its vision is to see children rise to their potential and succeed in all spheres of life with joy and strength of character.  Read the Summer 2019 City Fellows internship description here.

Internship Placement Process
  1. Submit your references, resume, transcript, essay responses and City Fellows Program application, along with your Chicago Semester application.
  2. We review your materials, work with you collaboratively to create a polished resume ready for professional review, and send these to qualifying City Fellows internship sites.
  3. You interview with qualifying City Fellows internship sites and prioritize which opportunity is the best fit for you.


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Hear from a City Fellows Alumnus

"Throughout college, I felt interested in nonprofit work, but I wasn’t sure how my skills and passions would align with it. This internship affirmed my interest in nonprofit organizations… As I look to the future, I’m grateful for the opportunity I had with Chicago Semester and New Moms. This experience provided me with insights about my vocation that I would not have gained on my own. I am looking forward to pursuing a career in the nonprofit industry."

– Erin Nagelkirk

‘16, Business Communications, Internship at New Moms

Professional Seminars and Courses

Professional Seminar (Interdisciplinary) - Fall, Spring and Summer

This field education internship experience provides hands-on practice in the knowledge and skills learned in major courses. You will develop a learning contract for focused areas of development and learning, and are mentored and supervised at the site by professional staff with experience in the area of practice. You will also be supervised by Chicago Semester staff through a weekly professional seminar course and through midpoint and final site visits.

Social Entrepreneurship - Summer only

This course helps you develop a Christian perspective on the ethical, cultural and pragmatic concerns emerging from the field of social entrepreneurship. Using field trips to, and community research in, the burgeoning Chicago sector of social business, we will focus on how such organizations negotiate a digital mediascape to tell their stories to economically and culturally diverse audiences adjacent to unsolvable social problems. Giving special attention to ethics of difference that such companies often are compelled to practice, this course will situate such ethical inquiry within the commitments of Christian theology.

Diversity and Inequality: Engaging Chicago Cross Culturally - Fall, Spring and Summer

This course introduces the culture, history, assets and challenges of Chicago neighborhoods. We will examine our own social and cultural locations, and compare and contrast how our stories are similar to or different from the Chicago racial and ethnic landscape.

Urban Planning, Development and the Sustainable City - Spring and Summer

This course explores the evolution and development of the city, with particular emphasis on the built environment in Chicago. We will explore the significance of the city’s architecture, sculpture, parks and community murals, and the impacts of city design. Students will seek to understand and critique the city’s built environment through field trips, guest speakers, readings and class discussions.
Course Information

You will enroll in a Professional Seminar and in one other course of your choice.

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