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Reflections from Paul: A CS Accounting Major

I can't believe it has almost been 2 months so far. When I first got here, I was excited and just trying to find my way around the city, doing class, and waiting to start my internship. Now I am… Read More ➞

Support City Fellows Students

[caption id="attachment_32659" align="alignright" width="200"] Jessica Daniels '21[/caption] When Jessica Daniels graduated from Howard University (Washington D.C.) in Spring 2021, she had plans to attend law school with her degree in Political Science and Criminology. She knew she needed an internship… Read More ➞

Reflections from Briana: A CS Student Teacher

This is my last week in Chicago! I have not seen the entire city, but what I have seen (and eaten) has been very special to me. I learned so much in my program and made such great friends. I… Read More ➞
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