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It Is Cold Outside, But Chicago Semester News is Host Off the Press!

Student Highlights The semester is off to a cold, but exciting, start for our students. While they've been adjusting to their internships and life in the city they've also had a chance to take advantage of some fabulous fine art… Read More ➞

Reflections from Vanessa: A CS BSW Student

The Love for Adventure   Chicago, The Windy City, the home of curious, adventurous souls. The city is like layers and layers of clothes on a winter night, you just can’t get enough of. Moving into the city from a… Read More ➞

Reflections from Matthew: A CS Business and Communication Student

Windy City Welcome I can only think of a few instances in my life where I arrived somewhere and instantly knew I belonged. The first of these came when I stepped on Hope College’s campus for first time during a… Read More ➞
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